P.M.Arts 2018 Conference

Thursday, March 22 – Sunday, March 25, 2018

Ryerson School of Performance (formerly Ryerson Theatre School)

This year was the 11th Toronto P.M.Arts Conference!  In order to stay current and fresh, we kicked off our second decade of training by mixing things up a bit – 2 new sessions and at least one new face.  To offer a bit of variety for previous attendees, and to encourage return visits, we have started offering one or two rotating courses each year. With a 3-day conference, it is hard to honour our basic building blocks of People, Time and Money and still change things up on a wholesale basis: there are so many, varied topics that are of interest to PMs. Of course all of our presenters have great loyalty to our audience and mission, so as much as we missed them for a year, we welcomed the chance to add more opportunities for other professionals to share their experiences with us.

We began our grand experiment with Contracts. The presenter-swapping duo this year were long-time P.M.Arts supporter, Ian Arnold, of Catalyst TCM, and Gail Packwood, Executive Director of the Associated Designers of Canada. Gail led a new session on understanding, using, and navigating ADC contracts.

We continued to offer our full weekend of programming.  With much anticipation we welcomed back Ray Salverda to take over our Budgeting session from Matt Farrell, who created a new course on Labour Relations and Contract Negotiating. Janet Sellery also returned with a fresh look at Heath and Safety. 

Our final change this year was to shine a light on harassment in the workplace, with our Human Resources
session tackling this and discrimination.

Peter Fleming and Bonnie Thomson