Thursday, March 20th- Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 at Ryerson Theatre School

Welcome to the 7th Toronto P.M.Arts Conference!

This year we continue to offer a full weekend of programming and look forward to reuniting our team of seasoned presenters. Returning attendees will notice that this year we will not be offering a “Budgeting” session, due to career movement out of the country by David Feheley, formerly with the Canadian Opera Company. We wish him much success at the Houston Grand Opera!

Organized from the beginning around the core building blocks of “People, Time and Money”, the Conference is sad to lose one of our original pillars of training. It will reappear next year with a new instructor. As the Conference relies on the contributions of working professionals for its success, it is only natural that personal and business changes alter the landscape of participation.

We are also very aware that pass holder feedback always includes a mention that double programming in a single timeslot prevents attendees from fully participating in the Conference. So beginning this year, P.M.Arts will designate a number of sessions “rotating” and will offer them on a 2 year cycle. “Grant Writing” with Meredith Potter and Genevieve Farrell’s second Human Resources module will be the first sessions to follow  this model.

It was at this time last year that we bid farewell to Alistair Hepburn, formerly of Canadian Stage, as he moved to a new career with the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. After settling into his new role and finding his sea legs, we now welcome him back into the P.M.Arts fold as he premieres a new session on the CTA and ITA contracts. Such is the ebb and flow of the Conference.

And, of course, a big welcome and thank you to all returning instructors, some of whom like Ray Salverda, have managed to squeeze his session into a new career with BaAM. 

As always, our courses have an appeal for managers and production staff alike, as they offer skills development, the opportunity to share experiences, and the chance to network.

We look forward to seeing you in March.

Peter Fleming & Janelle Rainville

Director & Administrator

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