Welcome to P.M.Arts - Our 10th Anniversary!

Dates for the 2017 Toronto P.M.Arts Conference are Thursday, March 23rd – Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at Ryerson School of Performance (formerly Ryerson Theatre School)

Welcome to the 10th Toronto P.M.Arts Conference! We are officially one decade old.

This year we continue to offer our full weekend of programming and look forward to reunitingour team of seasoned and returning presenters. It is with much anticipation we welcome back Janelle Rainville, who will head up her “Production Managing for Dance” on Sunday afternoon. Janelle stepped back from our P.M.Arts conference last year to concentrate on running S.M.Arts, which happens to be celebrating its own 20th Anniversary.

We will also celebrate our 10 year relationship with the Ryerson School of Performance, formerly the Ryerson Theatre School, as they once again host us. However, our Boardroom location has moved to their new offices on the 9th floor of 20 Dundas St. West, across from the Eaton Centre.

In order to maximize every hour of content, we have decided to forego a “How Much Rope” session on the final day, this year. Instead, in true theatre fashion, we will be concentrating on our closing party, bringing back past instructors and attendees to socialize. In the absence of a vibrant, connected Production Management association, the only way we can connect is to make it happen – and make it fun and inclusive.

As always, our courses have an appeal for managers and production staff alike, as they offer skills development, the opportunity to share experiences, and the chance to network.

Finally, as we raise our glasses to 10 years of training, our thoughts and hearts must embrace the memory of the man who convinced Peter Fleming to shepherd such a conference – Winston Morgan. As the founder of S.M.Arts and the driving force behind P.M.Arts, his untimely death before Christmas means our party table at the Elephant and Castle will be one chair short.

Winston, we dedicate our 10th P.M.Arts conference to you, and we know that somewhere in the big, unknown backstage, you are watching over us.


Peter Fleming and Bonnie Thomson


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