S.M.Arts Board Vice-President
Course(s): Harrassment & Discrimination, an HR Perspective
Director of Production - Young People's Theatre
Faculty, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Harrassment and Discrimination, an HR Perspective

HUMAN RESOURCES I: Put on your HR Hat! (not offered this year)

HUMAN RESOURCES II: Put on your BIGGER HR Hat! (not offered this year)

Director of Operations, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts / Part Time Faculty, Ryerson Theatre School

Multiple Union Contracts - I'm Always in Negotiations!

BUDGETING: Where to Start and Where to Spend

Production and Operations Manager, Ryerson Theatre School
Communications Manager, BaAM Productions
Faculty, Humber College
Consultant, Sellery Health + Safety

Due Diligence for Production Managers

Risk Assessment for Production Managers (not offered this year)