Topic for P.M.Arts 2011 Conference:

Evaluating Student Production Workers for Academic Credit

Sunday, March 27, 2011     2pm – 5 pm    FREE (but we need a penny for your thoughts)

Most students working on Production in Theatre Schools do so for academic credit.  Grading can be a complicated, subjective and imprecise art.  Armed with copies of production evaluations from 7 different schools (Ryerson University, Sheridan College, Acadia University, Mount Royal Univerity, Humber College, York University) our discussions involved such things as:

* What are we actually assessing in a student's work?

* Do you place more value on the longitudinal curve of learning or the ability to be hired professionally?

* Who does your system of grading serve better, you or the student?

* What works and does not work in your system?

Though the terminology used at different institutions differs, the basic building blocking of marking seemed to be similar.

* Job Knowledge / Practical skills

* Quality of work

* Communication / Interpersonal Skills

* Leadership / Attitude

* Paperwork / Organization / Work Habits

* Attendance / Professional conduct

* Problem-solving / Analytical Skills

The end consensus was that this valuable discussion needed revisiting for a harder look and perhaps some practical group work.  Our hopes are that at the CITT Conference in Victoria we can delve deeper into the topic and use the time as a working session to help create a grading system that is workable for everyone.